About the story:

The letters that became a documentary movie

I met Eric in 1998 when I was hired by his attorney to investigate his case. Eric was accused of killing another young man in a dispute in Oakland, California. By this time in my career I had begun seriously questioning the way society views and addresses criminality. Eric’s case weighed on my conscience.

Eric plead guilty to second-degree murder in 2001 and was sentenced to 15 years to life. He wrote and thanked me for the two years of work I’d put in on his case. He also asked if I wouldn’t mind corresponding with him.

We've been writing to each other ever since.

Producer/director: Lauren Hatvany
Camera: Chuck Hudina
Camera on James Gilligan interview: Dave Tumblety
Additional camera: Lauren Hatvany
Editing: Lauren Hatvany, Scott Powell, ACE
Re-recording mixer: Matt Temple
Web production: Bjarke Myrthu, Pete Barr-Watson and Justin Yeo, Storyplanet.

Thanks to:
Eric Lowery
Max Hatvany
Jimmy Wallenstein
Uncle Marty, Church Audio Post
Blaire Behrens
Hayward Blake
Don Bonato
Pat Brown
Eric Herrera
James Castro
Javance Cormier
Melanie Douglas
Mr. Doyle
Gino Herrera
James Gilligan
Josalyn Harris
Alex Huff
Hannah James
Raynetta Lewis
Dean Lowry
James McWilliams
Stewart Nelson
Sergeant Tim Nolan
Alberto Ramos
Donna Reid
Japheth Rollerson
Ruben Peña
Gary Sirbu
Jean-Marie Teno
Norman Thomas
Harlan Wellen
Terry Wiley
Sergeant Donald Williams

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